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Our journey begins...

Kimberly Oler , affectionately  known to all as Kim has always had the dream of owning her own business and being her own boss.Over 40 years ago she left her homeland of Korea and brought that dream  to America with the hopes of  making it a  reality. someday.  She soon found work in the food industry, retail, and  even tried her hand at her own small yogurt shop in down town L.A .that only lasted 9 months, but  that didn't stop her from pursuing her dream. Kim  comes from a family with  a  strong work ethic . In the 70's when it was unheard of  her mother became the first female  union representative , her father is an architect which is no doubt where t Kim gets her natural ability for design and creativity. Her 2 sisters and 2 brothers are business minded   as well .One day she was attracted to a cosmetic convention where a hair shampoo was being featured. After hearing about the ingredients  of this shampoo and the wonderful benefits it promised it inspired her to try her hand at making her own only using  natural ingredients . After several tries she was pleased with the results. Now how to get it to the public? With the little money she came with and the little she saved from her various jobs she was able to rent a small shop at 707 S. FAIR oaks Ave. in the heart of Old  Town Pasadena just south of Green street mid all hustle and bustle of the big cosmetic and retail shops just inches away from her meager shop on Colorado Blvd.


She was  thought to be "crazy"  by friends .Well you just don't give a dreamer a challenge like that  saying it couldn't  last or not to mention be successful. After starting to believe it herself . Still she persevered working that much harder and relying on her faith she began to see the possibility of her dream coming true . Today she has singlehanded  turned that little shop into a warm beautifully decorated boutique which houses some of the finest cosmetics on the market, and so All LOVE Collections  was born . The name came easy to Kim because she genuinely 'loves  her products, her job and the community she serves. She has gone out of way sparing no expense to use only pure and only vegan products. All Love Collections houses face creams, makeup, her shampoos and hair conditioners, pumpkin based face products, she has all types of skincare products for men and women. There's a professional skincare expert on hand  to help customers with selecting the  best products for their  skin type and completion. With all this she's  created 3 delightful soothing  and relaxing music  filled intimate  rooms with  individual beds as you are pampered   as you get a  facial her boutique is  so well known for. Kim has chosen  very the  best products for her customers with Aadre  leading them all . The name Aarde is a Dutch word that means EARTH. All the products are all natural meaning they're gluten-free, vegan, papaben-free, perfume,-free and cruelity-free.


Kim appreciates her customers and wants to show her gratitude by starting  to give monthly free food and games type parties in the park directly  across the street from her boutique. "Just  something I want to do as a way of giving back to my community she says." The little shop that seemed to be destined  for failure is growing everyday which is proving with hard work, perseverance, belief in yourself and your  faith  your dreams can come true, Kims did. it and she wants others especially young people "never stop or give up on yourself or your dreams.


Beth Jacskon 2022  



From Our Founder


We take pride to bless your hair with good health with our absolutely organic and vegan products in the row. So, bow down to these products in the row.


History About Aarde


The journey of "Aarde" which means Mother Earth in Dutch began with one bad experience that led to great expertise. While struggling with huge hair loss for over 3 years, I came across some difference-making Korean hair solutions.


This is where the idea of "Go Organic and Vegan" popped in because there is nothing good that chemicals do to skin and hair. With the strong desire to derive a hair solution regime while being closer to Mother Earth and its elements, the existence of "Aarde" came into being. The Aarde is all about natural herbs with the potential to act as the ultimate solution for all hair types.


Best Hair Shampoo

Hair, are an essential element especially in the look book of women across the world. Therefore, any damage or loss to the hair becomes significantly important to be addressed. To adhere sincerely to this concern we have carefully developed the best hair treatment shampoo that serves the need of all. And guess what, this complete hair solution is derived out of Korean herbs that are known for their natural benefits worldwide.


As a result, this product is 100% organic and vegan which certainly do not have any ill effects. The product treats all hair issues deeply by working elegantly on the scalp and cuticles. Most importantly, it let you gain victory over the hair loss. This is a complete win-win solution that does not let you nod helplessly to the problems. Alongside, there are complementary products such as hair serum and masks that boost overall hair health.

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